Study Library Jižní Město (SKJM)

Only registered users with a valid school ID card may use the study rooms and services. You may register in person at the loan register in Žižkov or Jižní Město.

Upon entering the library, you must produce your school ID card and report any brought-in literature that is yours. Before entering the study room it is recommended to place the coats and larger bags in the cloakroom of the school, or to the lockers on the premises of the library. You can obtain the keys at the information desk upon producing your card there.

We provide

  • loans to be taken home (loans) or to the study room (for reference only)
  • access to electronic information resources
  • overview /list of literature for individual subjects taught in Jižní Město
  • computers with access to the Internet and to search in electronic information resources
  • wifi (Eduroam)
  • consultations with the librarian
  • introductory tours of the library
  • printing and scanning
  • depositing of money to the ID card for printing and scanning

Opening Hours of Study Library30 Jižní Město

Opening hours for this week

Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed
Friday closed

Regular opening hours

Monday 10:30–18:30
Tuesday 8:30–16:30
Wednesday 10:30–18:30
Thursday 10:30–18:30
Friday 8:30–16:30

Division of the Library

At the information desk in the front part of the Main study room you may obtain  information about library collections and services, we will help you with search in the catalogue and order or search of materials, or lend you the headphones. There is a computer and a network printer next to the information desk.

There are books and lecture notes, magazines/journals and daily press, dictionaries and encyclopaedias available in the study room.  The Collection of the Main study room includes mainly literature to the subjects studied in Jižní Město.

The study room is equipped with computers with access to the  Union Catalogue of the VŠE and other computers with access to the internet. There are two flatbed scanners at the back of the study room.

The language study is mainly for the self-study of foreign languages.  There are 20 computers available and a library collection containing language textbooks, periodicals, dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopaedias, multimedia programs and older audio cassettes.

Available materials

The books in the study rooms are available in free access for reference only (books marked by a red label on the top of the spine) or can borrowed out of the library (loans) at the information desk of the front part of the library. The books for the loans (to be taken out of the library) can be also ordered in the Union Catalogue of the VŠE.

Older volumes of newspapers and journals can be ordered at the information desk from the stacks for reference in the study room.

Where to Find us

Basement of building B, entrance no. 0158, Ekonomická 957, 140 00 Prague 4 – Jižní Město