Creating a Pathway to Your Dream Career : Designing and Controlling a Career Around Your Life Goals

Autor: Kucharvy, Tom
ISBN: 9781606498989
Vydavatel: Business Expert Press, 2014
Plný text:

What do you want your life to be like when you’re 25? 35? 55? Doyou want a job that will feed you and your family or do you wanta career that will be an integral part of your life–a career thatwill feed your passions, enable the lifestyle you choose, and be acontinual source of engagement and pride?But do you really have the luxury of even considering yourdream job in an era in which more than 40 percent of college graduatescan’t even get jobs that require college degrees, much lessjobs in their field? Not only should you think about your dreamjob–you owe it to yourself to do so. You just need a plan. This bookwill help you develop that plan by first examining how the careersof the future will differ from those of the past, where these jobsand careers will and won’t be, and the range of skills (many ofwhich are not taught in schools) they will require.

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