Wiley IFRS essentials

Autor: CHRISTIAN, Dieter a Norbert LÈUDENBACH
ISBN: 9781118501375
Vydavatel: Hoboken (N.J.): Wiley, 2013
Plný text: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/vsep/Doc?id=10677848

IFRS can be a complex topic, and books on the subject often tackle its intricacies through dense explanation across thousands of pages. Others seek to provide an overview of IFRS and these, while useful for the general reader, lack the depth required by practitioners and students.
IFRS Essentials strikes a balance between the two extremes, offering concise interpretation of the crucial facts supported by a wealth of examples. Problems and their solutions are demonstrated in a manner which is short, straightforward and simple to understand, avoiding complex language; jargon and redundant detail.

This book is suitable for students and lecturers at universities and other educational institutions, auditing and accounting trainees, and employees in the area of accounting and auditing who seek to develop their practical skills and deepen their knowledge of IFRS.

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